Dead Space 2 Website Revamped; Now More Evil

May 1, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

With the release of the Dead Space 2 ‘Dementia’ trailer yesterday, EA and Visceral games have finally pulled DS2 from ‘zero space’ and into your face, with its bloody claws ready to kill. The official Dead Space website has been revamped and we have all the details you need to survive the Necromorphs.

Check out all the killer new content from the official website.

  • A ‘Remember the Ishimura’ Facebook page has been created. When you visit the page you can write you own testimony for the families of the fallen. The best part? It hints at a MASSIVE cover up of what really happened on the Ishimura. I didn’t know ‘extreme terrorist’ attacked, did you?
  • An Audio log depicting the account when EarthGov discovered the Aegis VII and Isaac Clarke.
  • Three different HD resolution wallpaper images to download for your PC or iPhone.
  • The ‘Dementia’ trailer, which, just in case you missed, I have included below. Enjoy!

Dead Space 2 looks to further advance the horror genre even deeper into hell with an all new multiplayer mode and rumors of a co-op campaign in early 2011.