Activision Continues Upped Price for Call of Duty: Black Ops

Raising the price on anything will never get a warm response from the consumer. Unfortunately for Activision, it almost seems like they are trying to piss off consumers. Activision is continuing yet another trend that caused plenty of gamers to pay overly high prices for one of their previous games… So, angry mob, get your torches and pitchforks ready.

A few UK retailers, including, Amazon, and GAME, have listed Call of Duty: Black Ops for £54.99. Last year, controversy began after Activision raised the price of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to £54.99, to the displeasure of many UK gamers. Although there was much hate over that price, the game did become an incredible success, becoming the second-highest grossing title of all time in the United Kingdom. Regarding Black Op’s pricing, an Activision spokesperson said the following, “With regards to Black Ops, we haven’t confirmed any pricing details at this stage so have nothing to comment on.”

Are you upset by the pricing choice for Call of Duty: Black Ops? Will you still purchase it, UK gamers?