EA Believe Crysis 2 May Become GOTY, Future Sequels Inbound

May 24, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Developer Crytek is aiming to bring an unprecedented level of awe-inspiring visuals along with unforgettable gameplay elements with Crysis 2. Publishers Electronic Arts are now stating that they believe Crysis 2 should become the greatest game of the year in 2010 and also want to create sequels for the shooter for the foreseeable future.

Speaking during an interview with CVG, EA Partners boss David DeMartini replied to a question if EA are keen on Crysis 3 and future sequels:

Absolutely, yes. I’m confident we’ll continue to have that series and that relationship. We continue to fulfil what we promised [Crytek] and, as I said, they are fantastic partners and incredibly loyal.

With regards to our ongoing relationships with Crytek and future Crysis games – absolutely. We’re always very interested in anything that they’re doing. But the nature of our relationship with them is – to some degree – unwritten loyalty to each other.

He further talks about the game when asked about the visuals in Cryis 2:

The funny thing about Crysis is that people get so enamoured with how great it looks – and it does – it sometimes get labelled as “the best looking game”, as opposed to what actually should be its title, which is “the best game”.

Through the suit, what you’re able to do with the suit and the setting in New York – this kind of destroyed beauty – it offers everything. My personal hope is that it’s critically viewed in a category with the Bungie game and the upcoming Call Of Duty – as well as the best things that EA has – as the greatest game of the year. I think it should be.

We get it Crytek and EA, you want to hype your game up. Geez, just let Richard Morgan talk – he does the job well.

Crysis 2 will be set in New York and will see a release before the 2010 calender year ends. The shooter will also utilize the stunning CryEngine 3, which is the reason why the title is shaping up to be one of if not the best looking game this generation.