Red Dead Millionaire

May 31, 2010Written by Christopher Gordon-Douglas

Red Dead Redemption was released last week to mass critical acclaim with it earning many editors choice awards, and a breath of fresh air for the western genre. The game is seen as Rockstar’s “new sandbox baby” and according to reports the game looks to have done very well in the short space of two days in the UK retail business despite shortages, the game has grossed over 10 Million to date.

In an interview with MCV, HMV Commercial manager for games Jonathan Hayes had this to say,

“You could argue that a few sales were lost, but not vast amounts. In fact, there’s so much interest now, that this should carry on next week.”

“The launch went incredibly well, as a relatively new brand, it’s almost done this from a standing start.”

Rockstar has also planned co-op downloadable content for Red Dead Redemption called Outlaws to the End which is scheduled to be released in June and Rockstar has stated that more downloadable content is on the way for this western shoot em out, also be sure to check out our Red Dead Redemption review for more words of wisdom.