Beyond Good & Evil 2 Definitely NOT Canned

Beyond Good & Evil 2 has been keeping a low profile, with nothing more than an introductory trailer and what might be gameplay footage leaking out to the Internet, and it has now been well over a year since anything has been seen of this game. This may lead some people to believe that the game’s development has been put on hiatus, but fear not! Details after the break.

Recent rumors had started flying around the Internet that Beyond Good & Evil 2 was canceled. Ubisoft spoke with Eurogamer, and a representative stated that “there are no changes on the horizon,” regarding the company’s future plans. Among these plans is a sequel to Beyond Good & Evil, one of last generation’s most well-received games that went on to commercially flop. Whether or not Ubisoft will have anything to show off at this year’s E3 remains to be seen, but PlayStation LifeStyle will of course let you know any new details as soon as we know them ourselves.