Portal 2 Trailer Analysis

Revealed and long clamored for, Portal 2 is the sequel the biggest puzzle game this generation. Today, during Sony’s E3 presentation, not only did we hear the first news of this exciting title, but we also got a glimpse of the new world of Portal during the world’s first trailer. We’ve got the video, and initial thoughts just after the jump.

The video opens to view the wreckage of GLaDOS scattered among an overgrowth of plant life, and gives the feeling that we’re witnessing a setting seemingly decades after the end of the first game. The AI confirms this, saying “Its been a long time,” as ‘she’ reboots and appears to start rebuilding from the ruins.

The scenery, a somewhat hybrid between a wild, organic jungle and the sterile marble-white nature of Aperture Labs, looks authentic and natural. Most remarkable though were the five seconds of actual gameplay footage where we are able to witness what appeared to be a combination of these two opposing worlds, rigid and untamed, meshed seamlessly, creating a rather fluid feeling between the two. It simultaneously gives a familiar feeling to the first Portal, while distinctly establishing itself as a completely new experience.

Check the presentation and trailer below, and be sure to keep it here for more E3 coverage.