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Twisted Metal = Mortal Kombat Meets Unreal Tournament

Eat Sleep Play co-founder, David Jaffe, was a shock attendee at Sony’s press conference. We thought it would never happen but then we saw Sweet Tooth during a reveal video at Sony’s E3 presser and we knew it was coming. The God of War creator now explains the inspiration behind Twisted Metal Nuke’s online multiplayer mode.

Speaking during a live demo at E3, Jaffe explained to NowGamer how Twisted Metal’s interesting Nuke mode was inspired by Street Fighter IV and not Call of Duty. He wants to bring the instant playability and fun which Street Fighter IV brings to the table to Nuke mode and says what the game is a mix of:

“Kinda Mortal Kombat meets Unreal Tournament.”

Jaffe goes on to talk about the PlayStation 3 exclusives’ tone:

“We’re shooting for edgy Twilight Zone – there are serial killers, but we’re doing the CBS serial killer not the HBO serial killer.”

Twisted Metal is currently scheduled for a release next year. For more on the game, check out PlayStation LifeStyle’s previous coverage.