Don’t Expect Any Heavy Rain DLC Soon

During Sony’s E3 press conference, a healthy portion of the presser was spent talking about their motion controller, PlayStation Move, and what games would be capable with it. One of the games was confirmed to be Heavy Rain. Now, apparently, Quantic Dream has put the second DLC in the Heavy Rain Chronicles on hold, to allow for greater focus on the upcoming Move aspect of the game.

Quantic Dreams Guillame de Fondaumière, recently spoke with Game Informer regarding the DLC and stated it was on “indefinite hold”.

The delay of the Heavy Rain Chronicles DLC is due to Sony asking Quantic Dream to work on the recently unveiled Move edition of the PlayStation 3 exclusive.

The first episode of the special DLC: Heavy Rain: Chronicle One – The Taxidermist released a few months back. The content features an investigative journalist Madison Paige in one of her first cases tracking down a serial killer.

For more on Heavy Rain: Chronicle One – The Taxidermist, check out PlayStation LifeStyle’s review of the DLC.