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The Shoot E3 Impressions

So I figured something out while at E3, I think I’m going to change my middle name to Thomas ‘Move’ Williams, seeing as how I played a total of 10 Sony Moves titles during E3. Why? Need I remind everyone that Sony plastered a 50ft picture of Kevin Butler holding two Move controllers over the entrance to the west wing hall of the LA convention center? Our wrist bands to both Sony’s E3 Press conference and Sony’s private booth tour had PlayStation Move printed of them. It was here, there, and everywhere scattered across the convention center, so I decided to cover as much as I could regarding Sony’s new controller. We already posted our impressions for The Fight: Lights Out, so next up is The Shoot.

The Shoot, being developed by Cohort Studios, has you battling across the set of 5 different movie shoots, plus it’s also a on-rails shooter, hence the name ‘The Shoot’. The settings that I know of are a robotic invasion, western style setting, and a horror style level, plus two more that have yet to be revealed.

The game didn’t look too bad graphically, as the backgrounds looked nice and you were actually able to demolish them to a good extent. Each background fitted each of the settings nicely. Enemies have the appearance of cardboard cutouts, and have a limited amount of animation to each.

The gameplay is where The shoot ultimately falls short. Out of all the Move titles I had hands-on with, The Shoot was definitely the weakest link of the bunch. Only two players are allowed to play at once and gameplay is as basic as you simply squeezing the t trigger a million times. The only differentiation in gameplay is when you spin your body around to slow down time to gain a tactical advantage in gameplay, otherwise you’re simply just pointing and shooting the whole time. I thought Sony said the PlayStation Move was going to be about unique experiences, not HD versions of Wii games?

The Shoot hits this September as a part of the PlayStation Moves initial launch. Fans of on-rail lightgun shooters might want to get it a rent, otherwise, do yourself a favor and dodge this bullet.