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Scott Rohde: No 3D For Future PSP

If you’ve missed out on all the Sony announcements at E3, here is a quick summary of their future ambition said in two characters: 3D.  Sony has made it clear that they wish to be the pioneers in third dimension entertainment with their show of their latest tech at the electronics convention – from 3D TVs to 3D gaming.  Strangely though, the portable PSP will not be getting any 3D love.

Recently, there have some talk of whether or not the PSP2 would include 3D and how it may be accomplished.  However, Scott Rohde, VP for Sony Worldwide Entertainment, put the speculation to rest in an interview through Industry Gamers.  When asked if there would be any plans for 3D on a future PSP, Rohde gave a simple, yet weighted response:

“No, no plans for that.”

But when asked about his take on the 3DS, Rhode stated:

“I’m, personally, very curious to see how it takes hold with the marketplace, whether people are into that experience or whether it’s just a little too foreign to them. It’s going to be a great experiment.”

And there you have it.  It would have been more interesting had Rohde answered with “I cannot comment on it at this time,” but no such luck for the PSP crowd.  However, his comment on the 3DS makes it seem that Sony may have some interest invested in portable 3D gaming, depending on the success of Nintendo’s 3DS.

To sum it up, will we see a 3D portable from Sony?  As it stands now, no.  But plans can always change.