Capcom Reveals Limited Edition Dead Rising 2 ‘Pack’

July 10, 2010Written by Max Murray

Hitting Europe this fall, Capcom‘s Zombie kill-as-you-will sequel ‘Dead Rising 2’ is announced to have a very special limited edition hitting along side the regular edition. You say killing zombies isn’t enough for you anymore? Well how about owning one…

Titled “The Outbreak Pack”, a limited edition version of Dead Rising 2 will come with a download token for a bonus theme pack, console specific additional exclusive content, and most blood hungry, a highly detailed 12″ zombie figurine complete with accessories.

No word on how starved your new un-dead friend will be upon arrival, but if we had to guess from past experience, we’d say pretty damn.

Capcom also announced the launching of site, on which Dead Rising fans can “follow the exploits of Lance, Gretchen, Wallace and Johnny  and discover exclusive content from Dead Rising 2 and some gameplay hints.”