Hitman 5 Expected by Christmas… of Next Year

July 25, 2010Written by Max Murray

Hitman fans out there: have you been waiting around, wishing to hear something, anything about the next installment of the series? Well we’ve got some good news and some bad news…

The future multi-platform stealth killer is definitely in production, says development company IO, but the earliest we could see it would not be until Christmas of next year.

An online retailer listed the game’s release date as November 28th, 2011, and as a bit or further confirmation, an inside source over at Eurogamer has confirmed the same release window.

Earlier this week, posters representing the fifth installment of the series popped up on the internet, sending fans into a frenzy due the drastic shift in art style the sequel seems to have taken. Since then, IO Interactive  has stated that the artwork “does not represent any new Hitman game”, but according to some sources, it is “likely” it relates in some way to the title. The posters have since been removed from the site, but check them out below and tell us what you think.