DeathSpank – Trophy Guide

DeathSpank is an action RPG that gets its comedic styling from the mind of Ron Gilbert. Packed with 12 trophies 1 gold, 4 silvers and 7 bronze. Use our trophy guide to acquire all of those difficult trophies.

Mr. Tough Guy (Gold) – Reach Level 20.

– Kill everything, unlock all chests, do every side quest and you will get to level 20 by the time you beat the game.

Extracurricular Activities (Silver) – Finish 50 Side Quests.

– In DeathSpank the side quests are called “Unimportant things I must do”. These are given to you by random characters you come into contact with. Sometimes you will need to ask them multiple times if they have a quest. As long as there is an exclamation point above there head then they have a quest for you. With over 70 side quests you can pick and choose, but if your going for the “Mr. Tough Guy” trophy you will get this along the way.

Justice Dispenser (Silver) – Kill 2500 Enemies.

– This is pretty straight forward kill everything. Every chicken every monk every orc kill them all. The enemies will eventually repopulate an area you have cleared out so you can go back through those areas quite regularly. Focus on the easier enemies that only take one hit to kill. With some persistence you can acquire this by the end of the game.

Take Back The Knight (Silver) – Kill Lord Von Prong.

– Lord Von Prong is the final boss of the game. You will get the trophy when you finish the final quest.

The Day the Music Died (Silver) – Kill Sergeant Orque.

– Sergeant Orque is located in the “Ogre Village”. Since there are a few missions that take you there this shouldn’t be hard to find. He is at the back of the village and you will need to talk to him to start the fight. He can be tough with all of his minions attacking you, but as long as you have a decently strong weapon and some health potions you should be able to take him down easily.

Can’t Kill Me… (Bronze) – Resurrect at an Outhouse.

– All you need to do is die. You will automatically resurrect at the closest outhouse.

Destroyer of Chickens (Bronze) – Kill 100 Chickens.

– There are chickens everywhere. One of the first missions you get involves killing chickens. This area is the best area to get a lot of chicken kills. They will reappear after a few minutes so return to this area multiple times and you will have no issues getting this trophy.

Extermination (Bronze) – Destroy all 3 Queen Greems.

– In the town of Pluckmuckel you will talk to the Greem hunter. He will give you three side quests each having to kill one of the Queen Greems.

  • The first is located in the Greem Camp by the Greem mating stone.
  • The second is located in the Haunted Forest
  • The last is located at turtle lake

I’m an Addict (Bronze) – Drink 50 Potions.

– DeathSpank will find many potions on his journey. Instead of holding on to them use them pretty regularly and you will have n o issue using 50.

Man In The Hole (Bronze) – Complete 6 Spelunker Quests.

– The Spelunker is outside of 6 different caves. You must go into each cave kill all the creatures and get a crystal. Then bring it back to the Spelunker. List of locations below.

  • 1. South of the Eyeball Trail Outhouse
  • 2. Enchanted Forest (close to the Talking Tree and Leprecolony)
  • 3. Swamp (slightly south-east of Rich’s Cabin’s)
  • 4. South of the Haunted Mansion
  • 5 & 6. North of Demonic Stones (Wretched Outhouse)

Menu Hero (Bronze) – Dispense the Good, Vanquish the Evil.

– This is pretty funny and easy, but it is not very clear on what to do. Go into the pause menu “Help & Options”, “Settings”, “Global Game Settings”. Then drag the “Good” bar all the way to the right and the “Evil’ bar all the way to the left. Once you do that you will get the trophy.

Underground Subway (Bronze) – Discover all 30 Teleporting Outhouses.

– See pic below for all locations