2k Replies to Questions Regarding Draft Combine for NBA 2K11

The NBA 2K series is quite possibly the number one basketball title to come out year after year. Visual Concepts and 2K Sports aim to give fans what they want when releasing the ultimate basketball simulation game. Last year they chose to try out something new prior to the release of NBA 2K10 when they made NBA 2K10 Draft Combine available via PSN. The downloadable game allowed users to create a player and essentially boost their stats and participate in various games before exporting them into NBA 2K10 later. Many fans of the series have been wondering if it would be made available this year for the upcoming release of NBA 2k11, and now 2K has spoken.

Recently a Tweet by 2K’s Social Media Point Man, Ronnie Singh, stated that users would not be getting the same Draft Combine treatment as last year. Here is what the Tweet stated:

I get asked about Draft Combine a lot. We don’t have a pre-launch DLC in the same vein as that extra game this year. More news to come.

The “mini game” of sorts seemed to do ok, but many users complained about glitches when importing their characters into the retail version of 2K10. It would definitely be nice to see it included in 2K11 when it releases later this Fall, but we’ll have to wait to see if that’s a possibility.