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Super Street Fighter IV Shoryukens the PSP

July 29, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

Among the first games shown running on Nintendo’s latest handheld, the Nintendo 3DS was Super Street Fighter IV. Many PlayStation fans were left wondering as to why no PlayStation portable version of SSFIV was announced, seeing as how Capcom put the original Street Fighter IV on the iPhone. Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono revealed to Famitsu why this is so and might prove even further why the PSP 2 needs to happen sooner than later.

This weeks newest issue of Famitsu features an interview with Mr. Ono and he simply stated that the PSP nor the DS could handle a portable version of Super Street Fighter IV. Which begs the question…why not? Capcom decided to do a iPhone version of SFIV, and seeing as how Capcom loves to port their games to every console ever made, why no love for the PSP? This also brings up another question..whatever happened to the PSP version of Resident Evil that was announced last E3?

While the rest of the gaming world is enamored with the 3DS, perhaps it is time for Sony to unveil the PSP2. I mean, what can they lose at this point? Sure the PSP sells well in their homeland of Japan, but elsewhere, the PSP easily ranks last among sales and it’s disappointing if you ask me. The PSP can do so much more than the DS could ever dream of and has a system full of stellar games, yet Sony doesn’t lower their standards by letting loads of crappy shovel-ware flood their handheld system. ‘Nintendo seal of quality’ my ass!

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