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PlayStation Home: It Only Does Weddings, Love Stories, Happy Endings

August 7, 2010Written by Anthony Severino

The last place that someone would look to find love, is PlayStation Home. Though the majority of PlayStation Home users are there just to socialize and have some fun, many male users take it upon themselves to sexually harass female users, or unknowingly, a male users using a female avatar. Despite this sad stereotype that Home has been plagued with, there was at least one love story with a fairy tale ending.

“I like your trophy collection”… That simple phrase, a seemingly meaningless kind gesture spoken commonly amongst PSN users lead to a match made in heaven. PlayStation Network user and avid PlayStation Home fanatic Rianor5 recalls the first time he met his bride, JE9_ID :

“I was in the Home Bowling Alley, I had put my controller down and just left my avatar standing there in the middle of the bowling alley, I turned around and went on my computer for something, I don’t remember now. I then turned around to see a female avatar just told me ” I like your trophy collection” At the time, i had just cracked 1000 trophies. And she was still standing there, so i had turned around at just the right time to catch her. We started talking and became friends.”

Little did he know that their relationship would blossom, eventually ending up with him trekking halfway around the country to live with his new found love. Rainor5, considers himself “Pretty Lucky”.

In March, he brought up the idea to get married in PlayStation Home, even recruiting a one Mr. Lockwood – who’s ordained in real life – to marry them. The happy couple then gathered 20 of their closest friends inside PlayStation Home for the ceremony which went on without a hitch, aside from a couple of obnoxious protesters. From there they went on to the reception where they partied the night away.

Their relationship doesn’t end within the confines of the virtual world. On May 3rd, Rianor5 picked up and left his life behind and moved to New Mexico to start a new life with JE9_ID. They’ve been together for 7 months now and the couple says that they couldn’t be happier. “I’m the happiest now” JE9_ID adds. Rianor5 agrees “she means the world to me, and I’m so very glad she decided to check some random guy’s trophy collection”.

The couple is living proof that magic can happen anywhere, even inside PlayStation Home.