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Fable 3 Looking Into ‘Uncharted’ Territory

August 13, 2010Written by Kishen Patel

In this day in age, technology is moving at such as fast rate that creativity is almost the only boundary to what can be put into a game. While technology and creativity will always continue to evolve and expand, pioneers of any medium at any given time will naturally be sought after and emulated to hope to achieve or even go above and beyond the predecessor’s success. As such is the case with developer Naughty Dog and their blockbuster hit, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves who has developers lining up to applaud their success both technically and creatively with the sequel to Nathan Drake’s tale.

Next up on the list, however, is an unlikely contributor to the praise coming from a grandiose developer on the competing side of the PlayStation 3. Developer of the critically-acclaimed Fable series on the Xbox platforms, none-other-than Lionhead Studios went on the record and stated that Fable 3 was stepping in ‘Uncharted’ territory. Taking inspiration from the third-person, action-adventure, Lionhead hopes to implement what Naughty Dog had done right in the new action aspects of Fable 3.

Not to single out one development house, senior design director of Fable 3, John Aktins, gave some accreditation to two other choice franchises on both sides of the console competition:

Demon’s Souls and Mass Effect 2 were both great titles and we definitely think about the decisions they made and why we think they made them.”

Despite being a first-party developer for the competing console, it is clear that Lionhead is working for the betterment of the gaming itself rather than just the console. After all, in the end, everybody wins when developers on both consoles learn from the other and gain inspiration from the work put out. After all, this is one game of the year award holder taking inspiration from another.