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uncharted movie

Potential Uncharted Movie Reveal Teased by Actor Nathan Fillion

If you want Uncharted the movie, we recommend Indiana Jones.

uncharted health

The Uncharted Health System is Actually One Big (Incredible) Trick

A bloody incredible reveal.

uncharted series

Amy Hennig on Uncharted’s Future: There’s Plenty of Material to Continue the Series With

She also thinks Naughty Dog wrapped it up nicely with a bow.

Amy Hennig Indie Studio

Uncharted Creator Amy Hennig Sets Up New Indie Studio

Just give us Star Wars: Dead Space already.

Sonys secret ps4 project possibly in the making

Former Naughty Dog Dev Now Senior Game Designer on Secret PS4 Project

Yeah, yeah, just give me Horizon 2 already.

What Kratos needs

What Kratos Needs to Become Nathan Drake

As Kratos enters a different chapter of his tormented life, can he develop into a more rounded figure and possibly even take a leaf out of Nathan Drake’s book?

Ready player one playstation cameos 1

Ready Player One Has Some Major PlayStation Character Cameos

Four PlayStation exclusive characters make their way into the movie.

Neil Druckmann Doesn’t Want Direct Film Adaptations of Naughty Dog Games

Says they have already told those stories in a cinematic way.

Uncharted 4 Cut Content

Neil Druckmann Details Uncharted 4 Cut Content

Originally there was a dancing scene between Nate and Elena.

What’s Next for Uncharted?

Let sleeping dogs lie? Or mount a fifth mainline instalment?

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Creative Director Shaun Escayg Leaving Naughty Dog

He hasn’t announced where he’s headed yet.

Uncharted Series Sales Have Passed 41 Million, According to Sony

That’s a lot of adventures!

Get Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection on Amazon for Only $7.99

Live the adventures of a treasure thief in this steal of a deal.

Uncharted the Lost Legacy Update 1.08

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Update 1.08 Out Now, View Patch Notes

Will you jump back in?

uncharted 4 update 1.32

Uncharted 4 Update 1.32 Features Survival Tweaks, Read Patch Notes

Nate can’t let go.

Uncharted 4 Update 1.31

Uncharted 4 Update 1.31 Available Now, Fixes Various Bugs

Drake has unfinished business.

Uncharted 4 Update 1.31

Uncharted 4 Update 1.29 Adds Team Tournaments, Fixes Bugs

It’s mostly the same as The Lost Legacy’s update.

Uncharted the Lost Legacy Update 1.08

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Update 1.04 Brings Multiplayer Changes

Team Tournaments have been added.

uncharted 4 update 1.32

Uncharted 4’s Development Troubles Highlighted in New Book (Potential Story Spoilers)

Sheds light on Amy Hennig’s departure.

UK Chart

UK Sales Chart: The Lost Legacy Finally Dethrones Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot actually fell to 3rd place.