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Versus XIII Details Hidden in The 3rd Birthday

August 16, 2010Written by Allen Tyson

Nomura hasn’t been shy lately about giving us details on Versus XIII. Nomura-san again gives us a few tidbits on the development of  something that Square Enix is known for – Even if the details are hidden in the Twitter feed for another game.

One of the things Square Enix is known for is their CGI cut scenes.When the trailer for Versus XIII hit the web, I remember being extremely impressed at the level of detail as Noctis dispatched enemies with the precision of a surgeon. Apparently what I saw then, to quote Agent J is now “old and busted”

After stepping in to the Twitter feed for The 3rd Birthday (and making some interesting statements about a shower scene), Nomura-san had this to say about the latest full motion video from Versus:

“The in-game areas are advancing in a variety of ways, but definitely look forward to the advancing video work of our own Visual Works as well. It’s like real footage.”

Even with no release date set, Versus XIII continues to look impressive. With Nomura-san releasing so much lately, the game appears to be progressing nicely – Hopefully with the 2010 Tokyo Game Show starting September 16th, Square Enix has a surprise for us.