Deus Ex: Human Revolution DLC Confirmed

Do you find it a bit frustrating when downloadable content is confirmed before a game gets released? This is the exact case for Eidos Montreal’s Deus Ex: Human Revolution as the publisher recently confirmed DLC is in the works which will add desirable content to the game.

Speaking with VG247 during an interview at gamescom, the game’s producer, David Anfossi, stated that work on the DLC has just begun.

“And yes, we started to work on DLC. That will be an extention of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Me and [Jean-Francois] Dugas, the game director, we started to work on that.”

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is currently scheduled for a release next year. For more information on the FPS\RPG, be sure to check out PlayStation LifeStyle’s E3 impressions.