“Never say never” to a Return to Rapture

While the recently revealed BioShock Infinite may be a complete departure from the world of the first two Bioshock games — moving from hundreds of miles below the sea, to thousands of miles above the sea — Ken Levine, founder and creative director at Irrational Games, feels like he has a strong emotional attachment to the underwater city of Rapture and there may be more tales left to tell in the desolate city.

Speaking with CVG, Levine said that they don’t have any plans to return to Rapture “right now”, but “never say never.”

“It was a very challenging and a very difficult thing for me not to do more Rapture

“Leaving Rapture was very, very personally difficult for me. It was very difficult, it was my whole life. I don’t have kids, it’s like my child. I feel that connection to Andrew Ryan, Sander Cohen – a sick group of people to feel a connection to but I do!

“I just felt that we had said all we needed to say about it… at the time. I mean, never say never. But right now that’s how we feel about it.”

When pushed to comment about whether the team at Irrational would ever revisit Rapture, he replied:

“Yeah. I mean, life’s a long time. But I’d HAVE to have an idea that drove that. I’d have to spring from the idea.”

If Levine’s team did return to Rapture, it would be interesting to see where they would place the game in the continuity of the BioShock world. You could say that Irrational have skipped 3, 4 and indeed the rest of the number-line and gone straight to BioShock Infinite. Since infinite is the biggest number, there couldn’t be a sequel, right? But, then, what about infinite plus 1…? And isn’t BioShock Infinite set before the events of the first game?

The mind boggles!