PSP Capable of Streaming Full Retail PS3 Games Via Remote Play

The PSP’s Remote Play feature was definitely cool when it first debuted, as the thought of being able to stream games straight from players’ PS3’s was definitely a big step forward, technologically. The only drawback was that users couldn’t stream everything, namely retail PS3 games and most titles available in the PlayStation Store. Recent developments on the homebrew front show that that’s no longer the case and, as usual, that the PS3 is more capable than we think.

User blacksheep, over at PS3Hax, has proven that retail PS3 titles, and more, can be streamed to the PSP via Remote Play, when he successfully managed to load up titles like Street Fighter IV and Killzone 2, and then stream them to his PSP with no audio, video or control issues whatsoever. This, of course, means that he had to utilize some hacking and modification methods in order to unlock this feature, namely PS3 FTP and PSJailbreak. The full method can be found below:

1. Dump any game of your choice to your hdd

2. Install Ps3 FTP and launch it

3. Connect via ftp and navigate to your hdd folder then to games -> LAUN12345 -> GAMEZ -> YOUR GAME ID -> PS3_GAME

4. Now copy PARAM.SFO and make a backup of it just in case

5. Download SFO Editor open the sfo and check “enable remote play”

6. Save it and then open up the FTP and transfer the modded sfo back into the PS3_GAME folder.

7. Now connect your psp in remote play and enjoy.

With the recent developments surrounding the PS3 homebrew community, it’s only a matter of time before the veil is pulled back on what the PS3 is truly capable of, as we tend to say year-after-year. Hopefully this will push Sony to get new, quality features out faster, because it looks like they now have a little competition. While utilizing the PS3’s hardware is definitely awesome, we must insist that you only attempt to back up games that you already own.