Treyarch to Pre-Emptively Strike Black Ops Leaderboard Exploits

Modern Warfare 2 was a smash hit both in sales and reception when it released nearly a year ago. While the game was impressive on almost all fronts, exploits seemingly hampered an otherwise amazing multiplayer experience. Judging by the latest information from Treyarch, the team seems to be taking exploit prevention more seriously than Infinity Ward.

Treyarch Community Manager Josh Olin has confirmed that the upcoming Black Ops will have measures integrated to monitor leveling and experience exploits. On Twitter Josh posted the following:

“Yes, we have the necessary tools in #CODBlackOps to moderate the leaderboards. Furthermore, we’ll ban those who hack.”

Previous Call of Duty titles, namely Modern Warfare 2, suffered from a variety of experience exploits. It’s commonplace to see upward of 100 players with millions if not billions of experience points all cluttered at the top spots on the rank leaderboards. Hopefully these new integrations will not only accurately monitor this behavior, but will lead to action and as a result a fair leaderboard system as a whole.