PlayStation Move Not Required for Dead Space: Extraction

When Dead Space: Extraction was revealed at E3 to be included with the Limited Edition of Dead Space 2 everyone knew that it would focus on Move support. Apparently, that’s only one of two control schemes.

Shown for the first time earlier today at EA’s Tokyo Game Show presentation, the PS3 port of the former Wii exclusive has obviously benefited from the HD remastering. Dead Space: Extraction will support co-operative play allowing two players with two Move controllers to play together.  But the big surprise was that while the game was once on Wii, it will NOT require the Move to play on the PS3. One or two Sixaxis or DualShock 3 controllers will actually suffice! This is definitely a smart “move” on EA’s part, as Extraction will actually be included on the same Blu-Ray disc, rather than a PSN download.

This way, everyone can experience more Dead Space! The more the better!