Crytek Has Been Serious About 3D For A While

Crytek has always been at the forefront of visual technology, with its flagship title Crysis still pushing hardware to their limits.The latest craze in the visual aspect of gaming is now 3D, something that Crytek has apparently already been making great technical strides in.

As posted in a recent Gamasutra interview, CEO Cevat Yerli explained that his company has actually been working on incorporating stereoscopic 3D into its products for a couple of years now:

“With stereoscopic 3D, similarly, we started to do it two years ago on PC as far as researching it…About a year ago, we found a way to make stereoscopic 3D run on the consoles, and since then we’ve changed this technique to optimize it so we don’t lose any frames if you go from 2D to 3D. That’s why it’s just a button press now.”

So it sounds like Crytek has found a way to include 3D in their FPS without degrading either visuals or dropping the effective frame rate, which has been a problem for other developers, Tekken X Street Fighter being a recent example of this. Mr. Yerli also went on to explain that he believes 3D is “inevitable” for the rest of the entertainment sector. His main concern is whether or not “it’s easy for the eyes.” Some people cannot handle viewing 3D footage for extended lengths of time (indeed, some people cannot even see it), and Sony currently has a warning regarding 3D to inform customers about possible discomfort the technology may cause.

So given the development that Crytek has made, and knowing how long they have been researching the technology, does this affect what you think of the upcoming Crysis 2? The next game to push future hardware to 100% years from now is due out March 22 and March 25 2011 in North America and Europe respecitvely.