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Hunt: Showdown Dev Diary Shows Off Crytek’s Latest Game

Their first-person shooter has changed a lot since it was originally conceived.


Hunt: Showdown Details to Be Revealed at E3

New focus and new dev team!


Crytek Teasing New Game “Hunt: Showdown”

Is this a new IP or Horrors of a Gilded Age


Crytek Shanghai Reportedly Closed Following Failure to Pay Rent and Salaries

Employees had been working for no pay.

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SEGA Acquires Crytek Black Sea, Renamed Creative Assembly Sofia

Working exclusively on Creative Assembly content.

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Looks Like Crytek is Receiving $500 Million From the Turkish Government

Crytek has been experiencing financial turmoil for a while.


Crytek Drops All of Its Development Studios Except for the Frankfurt and Kiev Locations

Five studios appear to be affected.

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Crytek Reportedly Pays Out Pending Salaries

Things looking up again, maybe?

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Former Crytek Employee Turns to Crowdfunding for Legal Action Against the Studio

Salaries were being delayed as early as May.


Report Claims Crytek Employees Are Going Months Without Pay

Crytek’s woes continue, it seems.


Crytek: PS4 Pro’s Extra 1GB RAM is Sufficient for Increased Graphics & Pro-Specific Improvements

Tech Director discusses other Pro enhancements as well.

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Robinson: The Journey Review – Jurassic Planet (PSVR)

Clever girl!


Robinson: The Journey PS4 Pro Support Discussed, Day One Update Is 1GB

You’ll have to scan a bunch of stuff to get the Gold Trophies.


Robinson: The Journey for PSVR Is 3-5 Hours Long, Carries a $59.99 MSRP

It will include PS4 Pro support.


Sci-Fi Adventure Game Robinson: The Journey Launches on November 8 for PSVR

Beware of dinosaurs.

Homefront: The Revolution Review – Stymied Revolt (PS4)

A cool concept like the last game, but little else.


Video Reveals How to Find the TimeSplitters 2 Easter Egg in Homefront: The Revolution

You’ll also get to see some TimeSplitters 2 gameplay.


Crytek: VR is the “Bleeding Edge of Technology,” Robison: The Journey Will Show CryEngine’s Strengths

“We believe VR is here to stay.”


PGW 2015: Crytek Announces Robinson: The Journey for PlayStation VR (Update)

Cevat Yerli took the stage at Paris Games Week.


PAX Prime 2015: Homefront: The Revolution Hands-On Preview – A Far Cry

Will just have to wait and see about this one.