Team DmC Expected Backlash


“Less over-the-top fashionista and more harder-edged… that was our first thought” is how Alex Jones, Lead Producer on DmC, described the team’s take on the new Dante. That idea of an entirely new take on Dante created two camps on the Internet: those who liked it and those who didn’t. But the strong  fan reaction wasn’t a surprise… it was actually anticipated.

In a recent interview, Alex Jones stated that the reaction was not a surprise to the new DmC team. Alex stated:

Your first time that you encounter something new… change is scary, and we understand that. This is not an unanticipated response

The focus for the team is, not simply to rattle the cage and change design, but to make sure gameplay remains solid. Tameem Antoniades, Chief Creative Director is aware that the gameplay is what will change gamers minds:

I don’t think we’re going to win over the hardcore until we’ve got something in their hands

Personally, I think the team’s goal of making Dante look harder-edged has thus far been achieved – it has a very familiar James O’Barr Crow vibe to it.

DmC is an AAA title for Ninja Theory with a lot of expectations – the team is more than up to the challenge. More details are in the video below:

[viddler id=c9ff9217&w=437&h=288]