3D TV Bundle Ad ‘Guarantee’s’ Gran Turismo 5 by Christmas

October 22, 2010Written by Max Murray

Last week, one of the fall’s biggest titles, Gran Turismo 5, was delayed, disappointing fans everywhere who had already begun ticking days off their calendar. Word was sent out to expect it this ‘holiday’, and now a Sony advertisement puts a ‘guarantee’ on that statement.

Sony Australia has issued a promotion on their Bravia 3D TV line that will instantly get the first 21,000 people a copy of GT5, among other items, before Christmas. Basically all that you need to do is purchase a Bravia 3D TV and submit proof of purchase to Sony to get in on the deal. Once you do that you’re entitled to a shiny new 160GB PS3, two pairs of 3D glasses and a 3D transmitter, two 3D movies, four downloadable PS3 games vouchers, and one highly anticipated racing title.

As this is not the first time the title has been delayed, hopefully this guarantee can appease the many fans looking for some reassurance that there game is, in fact, coming.

But if you’re in Australia, and looking to hop on the third dimension train, we doubt you’ll find a better opportunity than this in the near future. This deal extends to the first 21,000 participants, so before you run out and drop $2,500+, make sure you check the promo site to guarantee there’s still a spot for you.