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GT5 Disc Pictured, Is it Really True?

November 6, 2010Written by Anthony Severino

When Gran Turismo 5 was delayed at the last minute, fans everywhere were devastated that they’d be missing out on the most anticipated PS3 exclusive of all-time, this holiday season. With years in development, and a number of delays it seemed like GT5 would never get here. Even with Kazunori Yamauchi, the father of Gran Turismo, stating that the “discs were being stamped“, many fans were still skeptical, and would rather see it to believe it. Well here it is…


There’s no way to verify the below image of the retail Gran Turismo 5 disc, but it looks to be the real thing:

So there it is folks, that could be just the thing we’ve been waiting for, the closest thing to an actual 2010 release of Gran Turismo 5.

It’s also worth noting that we first saw this image on the dedicated Gran Turismo fansite GTPlanet, and it’s now been “temporarily removed” and we’re being told to “watch this space for more updates shortly”. Do they know something we don’t?

We’ve contacted Sony to ask if they’re ready to provide a new release date. We’ll update you when we get a response.

What are your thoughts? Is that disc real, or one hell of a photoshop? Let us know below.