PlayStation Network Surpasses 60 Million Users

The PlayStation Network allows us to play online, download expansion packs, and even full games on our PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. With an “industry leading” connectivity rate for the PS3 it is no wonder that the PSN has grown from strength to strength, quickly surpassing user figures of other major gaming networks, including Xbox Live. Now, Sony has revealed that the network has passed a staggering 60 million users.

With over 1.25 billion pieces of content having been downloaded worldwide, that’s an average of nearly 21 pieces of content per user, showing that PSN members have plenty to choose from. Of course, numerous accounts may be duplicates – where people create accounts for other regions to receive that regions DLC, but the number of people tech savvy and inclined to do so is questionable.

The PSN passed 50 million registered users back in June, showing a tremendous growth for the service as it enters the holiday period. To expand upon this userbase, and make it easier for people to download games, SCEA has today announced a partnership with GameStop to sell their content in their stores and online.