New Fight Night to Be the Most Mature Fighting Game from EA Sports Yet

November 17, 2010Written by Kishen Patel

Typically, sports games and racers are revered as the genres that can be played by everyone. As such, most sports titles are given a content rating for the age range of at least six to 13 years of age with publishers even going so far as to tone down the lyrical content of the soundtrack in order to reach a larger audience. However, while combat sports are still considered to be sports, they are clearly aimed at a different age group.

The latest to EA Sports’ highly successful Fight Night franchise, titled Fight Night Champion, looks to take players up close and personal with the realism of the fighting sport. As a result, Fight Night Champion is EA Sports’ first sports title to receive a ‘Mature’ rating from the ESRB. Boasting a wide variety of new features and move-sets, it is clear why. Some of the features that stand out for this next boxing title from EA are the Legacy Mode, physics-based gameplay, and the full-spectrum punch control.

With the previous Fight Night title being so well-received matched with the promise of this next iteration, Fight Night Champions is set to be one of 2011’s most anticipated sports titles.