Vanquish Was Almost a “Shadow Dancer”

Vanquish blended Japanese-style action games with western-style third-person shooters creating a unique and engaging experience. Vanquish almost did one more thing that could have been quite interesting: pay homage to the son of one of the most legendary gaming ninjas ever… Joe Musashi.

Yoshifumi Hattori, Character Modeler,  had some amazing designs for Sam Gideon’s companion – one that brings back memories of Yamato from Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi. The robot terrier would have been Sam’s protector, assisting him in battle and combining with him to form powerful armor.

Could this be delivered via DLC? Who knows. For now, enjoy the images and video below of what might have been a stellar addition to Vanquish.


Would you have liked the game to include a robotic canine? Let us know in the comments below.