Dead Nation to Receive Online Voice Chat “Soon”

December 2, 2010Written by Corey Schwanz

While the PlayStation LifeStyle crew loved Dead Nation in our review, one of the few negative points mentioned was that the online co-op didn’t have voice chat. Turns out there was a reason for that.

Dead Nation rocked. The only thing lacking, however, was online voice chat. But just days after the release, Housemarque has recognized the issue and has released a statement that will quell your zombie fears soon enough.

We know some of you are frustrated by the lack of voice chat support in Dead Nation’s online co-op mode. We realize many players have been very eager to join up and start taking care of the zombie nation and we greatly appreciate the continued support. Therefore, the team is currently working on the addition of voice chat capability and hope to introduce it as quickly as possible.

Thank goodness. Not having cross-game chat in PS3 games is something that players are, unwillingly, used to, but same-game chat is something unacceptable in these times. Stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle to find out when the new patch goes live!