Uncharted 3 Avatars Sent Via Email, Problems Arise *Update*

December 12, 2010Written by Corey Schwanz

After the wonderful reveal of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception last night at the Video Game Awards, the entire PlayStation community is abuzz with Drake Fever. Media has gone up on the PlayStation Store for avatars, themes, and the like, but the voucher emails don’t seem to be working quite as planned.

Were you one of the lucky recipients of an Uncharted 3 PSN avatar? Emails were just sent out, and they look just like this, except with a code.

The only problem is, after doing some searching on Naughty Dog’s official forums, it turns out that this problem is more widespread than just one individual. It looks like Sony sent out the exact same code to everyone. Naturally, this means that the avatar code will only work for the very first person to try it, leaving the rest of the world in the dust. You can always go and buy the avatar for a measly $0.49, but it’s the point that they are giving something away and bungled it.

Hopefully not falling under the same issues, Sony is also giving away a free Uncharted 3 theme. Announced in the same email, all you have to do is register to up for updates on the official Uncharted website. The code will be emailed to you after you sign up, but only after an undisclosed amount of time. Oh well. Can’t complain about getting stuff for free, can you? Just be patient and everything will be solved in the end. Let’s hope so at least.

*UPDATE* It seems that while Sony sent out the codes early this morning, they were merely never activated. The codes are now responding to being entered on the PlayStation Store so if you got a code, redeem away!