PS5 system software update

Latest PS5 Update Makes Stealth Change to User Profile Display

September 2023’s major PS5 system software update came with some much-needed changes and lengthy patch notes, but as usual, players are noticing some stealth improvements that Sony hasn’t advertised. More than a year after the company announced that it was getting rid of PS5 Accolades, the feature has disappeared from the console following the latest firmware update.

What has changed in user profiles following September 2023’s PS5 system update?

Previously, PS5’s user profile page displayed trophies, accolades, the number of games in the console’s library, and the number of friends. The accolades have now been replaced with a section displaying the top three “Most Played” games along with the number of hours players have invested in them (thanks, PushSquare).

Here’s what the old profile page looked like (I’m only just finding out that I shamefully didn’t earn any accolades before they went away):

Post update, the profile page looks like this (I was clearly a fan of the original Overwatch at one point):

It’s unclear yet if Sony has made any improvements to its gameplay time counter, which has famously remained busted until now. It’s only when the company sends out its annual player stats emails at the end of the year that people realize their gameplay data is far from accurate.