Uncharted 3 Will Be Keeping It Real

December 13, 2010Written by Joseph Peterson

Since the Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception reveal at last night’s VGAs, more and more info has been coming out, whether it be from interviews at the actual event, or both gamers and press analyzing the stunning trailer that was shown. It’s clear Naughty Dog is taking it to the next level with the third installment of the Uncharted, but it leaves many asking how, considering how successful Uncharted 2: Among Thieves was. Naughty Dog has some answers.

At the VGAs the Naughty Dog team was interviewed by our friends over at Gamingbolt. During the interview they were asked if the gameplay would be “over the top”. Naughty Dog had this to say:

“Well, we want to do better but not over the top for Uncharted 3, obviously we want to improve upon every aspect of UC 2 but we want to keep it realistic”

It is good to see that they will keep the game realistic, what all would you like to see implemented in the upcoming title?