Start the Party! – Trophy Guide

Start the Party!, the light hearted party game for the PlayStation Move, has 48 trophies to collect. There are 32 bronze, 13 silver, 2 gold and 1 platinum. Use PlayStation LifeStyle’s guide to unlock them all.

Love to Party! (Platinum)Collect all other trophies for Start the Party!

Earn all other trophies.

Chain King! (Gold)Pop a colour chain of 70+ fish on Hard difficulty.

Pop 70 or more of the same color fish in a row without hitting another color.  You will need to play on HARD to get enough fish to pop. Play in Free Play mode and keep trying until you get it.

Unstoppable! (Gold)One player wins 3 rounds in a row in Party Mode.

Play with a friend or play both people yourself and win three rounds in a row.

Top Survivor (Silver)Get to the top of the leader board in Survival Mode.

Score enough points in Survivor Mode to reach the top of the leader board.

Survivalist (Silver)Play 20 games of Survival.

Play 20 games of Survival.

Life and Soul of the… (Silver)Play 10 games of Party Mode.

Play 10 games of Party Mode.

Free Play Champion (Silver)Play all the Party Games, on all difficulties in Free Play.

There are nine games that you can play in Free Play. Play all nine games on Easy, Normal and Hard.

Against the Odds (Silver)Steal enough stars in the Robber Round to get from last to first place.

In the Robber Round of  a Party Mode game you will have the chance to steal stars from your opponent. You will have to play the games well enough to fill your star meter up to determine how many stars you will steal. Steal enough to go from last to first place in that round.

Totally Bonus (Silver)Get all the bonus items in every Party game.

Bonus items are the gold colored objects that come up once during each game. Collect them in every game in a Party Mode.

Supermassive Party (Silver) – Take 100 different player portrait photos.

Each time you start a new match you will need to take a player photo. Take 100 of these to earn the trophy. To speed things up always go back to the main menu instead of hitting the “Retry” button after finishing a game. You can also get this faster by playing a four player game and taking four pictures each time.

Feel Free (Silver)Play all the Party Games in Free Play.

Play all nine games in Free Play.

Well played (Silver)Play all the games in Start the Party!

Main Party Games ( Solo/Free Play Mode & Party Mode)

  • Paintbrush Game
  • Bug Bash Game
  • Helicopter Rescue Game
  • Bird Rescue Game
  • Haircutting Game
  • Ghost Hunting Game
  • Paratrooper Rescue Game
  • Robot Game
  • Fish Pop Game

Mini-Party Games (Survival Mode & Random Party Games)

  • Lollipop Game
  • Wake The Bird Game
  • Frog/Bug Eating Game
  • Surrender Flag Game
  • Diamond Mining Game
  • Crocodile Teeth Cleaning Game
  • Character Matching Game
  • Pinata Smashing Game
  • Wack-A-Mole Game
  • Object Bouncing Game
  • Pizza Topping Catch Game
  • Fruit Slicing Game
  • Bug Finding Game

Party Popper (Silver)Earn 20 stars in a single Party session.

You will earn stars from playing games and doing well during a Party session. Earn 20 or more stars during a single Party session for the trophy.

Bonus King! (Silver)Get every bonus object within a single Party Mode play session.

Bonus items are the gold-colored objects that come up once during each game. Collect the bonus item in every game during a single Party Mode match.

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