Medal of Honor Team Engineering an AAA First-Person Shooter

January 6, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

The latest entry into the Medal of Honor series released only a couple of months ago under the hands of EA’s very own Danger Close team, which is a new addition of the company’s Los Angeles studio. While the title was met with some mixed feedback, it was a far from terrible game, and still managed to shift millions of copies.

A couple of job listings over at Gamasutra reveal that the Medal of Honor single-player development team Danger Close Games is currently hiring for a new project. The said listing states that the title is an “AAA first person shooter” and that it’s currently “early in development”, with the company aiming to “make the best shooters in the market“. The two available jobs posted include both a Senior Gameplay Engineer and a Weapons & Vehicles Artist.

The Danger Close team has only ever produced the recent Medal of Honor game, chances are the game will be a continuation of the franchise, but it could always be a brand-new IP. The listing does mention the PlayStation 3 as well as multiplayer/co-op experience, so this fits into the sphere of the Medal of Honor series.

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