A New Metal Gear is Sneaking Up to a Console Near You

January 13, 2011Written by Corey Schwanz

The team at Kojima Productions are currently hard at work creating Metal Gear Solid: Rising and a video game that will challenge a “taboo“. But what could that game be? The developer’s website may have just let the world know, after posting a rather revealing job listing.

A lot of people would want it to be a new Zone of the Enders title. But the Kojima Productions’ website has just posted a job listing for “Next Generation Metal Gear Solid Series Production Staff.” Picked up and translated by Andriasang, Kojima’s company is looking for planners, programmers and CG designers.

Under the planner category, the listing has slots for:

  • General planners
  • Level designers
  • Scripters

The programmer category is looking for expertise in:

  • Graphics
  • Network
  • Plug-ins
  • Audio
  • Game character

CG designer is the big one, with the company hiring for people with experience in:

  • Concept art
  • 3D character modeling
  • 3D stage modeling
  • 3D character motion design
  • Event scene production
  • Effect production
  • Interface design

It is also worth noting that programmers should have “experience with PC/PS3/XBOX360.” Especially after the announcement of Rising and the production of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Kojima Productions is headed multiplatform. But what is probably the most interesting thing out of this entire page, is that CG designers are asked if they would be “interested in conducting research into next generation CG.” Kojima’s works have always been described as cinematic and his love for film is well known. As Metal Gear Solid 4 pushed the limits of the PS3 at the time and even the Blu-Ray disc, three and a half years have created vast new technological advancements, making this next game as big as ever.

The game may not be the “taboo” title, with Kojima well known for handling multiple projects at the same time. There is always the chance that the MGS game is simply Rising, but this late in development, researching new forms of CG, as well as hiring level designers and concept artists seems unlikely.

Now we only have to wait and see how long it will be before anything is heard of the game. But Kojima will take as much time as he needs, that’s for sure.