Yakuza of the End Slays the Undead in New Trailers

Sega has released new trailers today for its take on the zombie apocalypse, Yakuza of the End. The two trailers show us the story in the game and the hard hitting combat we have come to love in the Yakuza series but with a few added perks.

The first trailer below touches up on the story which goes a bit like this. Kamurocho has been overrun by zombies, causing the Japan Self Defense Force to seal the district up, preventing anyone from entering or exiting the plagued city. Thankfully Kazuma Kiryu, Shun Akiyama, Ryuji Goda, and Goro Majima happen to be stuck inside and they band together to save everyone they can.

The second trailer is all about hitting, kicking, and shooting your way through zombies with whatever you can find. You can use almost anything you pick up in the game, even a tennis ball shooter. Background objects also come in handy as you can shoot a car to blow up surrounding zombies or open wires to send a shock through anyone nearby. Each gun can be upgraded with items you find throughout the world or the games dungeon; the Kamurocho Underground.

Yakuza of the End releases in Japan March 17th and we can only hope that Sega also plans to bring it out West.