GameStop Leaks Possible NGP Price

A leaked GameStop photo of upcoming video game releases has hinted at what the upcoming successor to the PlayStation Portable, the NGP, may end up costing when it releases in the US.

One of the main points of speculation since the announcement of the NGP has been it’s price point. The new handheld system is touting PS3 like graphics on a touch screen, two thumb sticks, multiple motion tracking sensors, as well as a touch pad on the back. This coupled with a high end camera, cross platform playing capabilities, and Wi-fi and 3G connectivity, all comes together for what’s presumably some expensive technology. The recently leaked screens from Gamestop supports what several analysts predicted: a $300 price point. Well, $299.99 to be exact, if you worry about pennies.

Of course, this pricing is subject to change, and isn’t official, but it does lend credence to what we may expect when this little beast arrives on the market. It’s also worthwhile to note that we can see what looks like a release date of 1/1/12, which is probably a place holder considering that Sony originally stated the new portable would see shelves by the holiday season of 2011. That leads to the thought the price may be a placeholder as well. However, if this is indeed the case, would you be ready to shell out the dough?