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Live Chat Taking Place Today with Bulletstorm Devs Cliff Bleszinski and Tanya Jessen

Did you enjoy the Bulletstorm demo? Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t; but now you’ve got the chance to throw all your burning questions, regarding the newest first-person shooter on the market, straight at the developers themselves!

We’ve just discovered that a live Bulletstorm chat with Epic Games developers Cliff Bleszinski and Tanya Jessen is set to go live later today at 11AM PT/2PM ET on EA’s official site. Along with the normal Q&A session, EA has mentioned that there will indeed be swag to win, so if you plan to check it out, be there early so you don’t miss out on the Bulletstorm goodies!

Bulletstorm releases tomorrow in North America, and later this week everywhere else. For all the latest news on the newest player in the FPS genre, as well as all the latest info surrounding Epic Games and People Can Fly, be sure to stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle!