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fortnite fall skirmish 2018

Epic Unveils the Details for the $10 Million Fortnite Fall Skirmish

The Skirmish is upon us.

Fortnite Season 6

Take Advantage of Bonus XP Before Fortnite Season 6 Starts Next Week

Season 6 predictions, go!

fortnite loot lake

The Fortnite Cube Actually Did Something

Kevin, we hardly knew ye.

Ninja ESPN the Magazine cover

Fortnite Streamer Ninja Is on the Latest ESPN the Magazine Cover

ESPN putting video games on its magazine cover is yet another sign 2018 is not playing by the rules.

Fortnite Update 5.41: Hello, Port-a-Fortress and Re-Deployable Gliders

Want to build a fortress?

fortnite port a fortress

Fortnite Port-a-Fortress Could One-Up the Port-a-Fort

A person’s Port-a-Fortress is their castle.

fortnite dualshock 4 bundle

Fortnite DualShock 4 Bundle Comes with a Skin and Some V-Bucks

Is it free Fortnite stuff with an expensive controller, or expensive Fortnite stuff with a free controller?

Fornite Free Cosmetics

PlayStation Plus Members Can Snag a Free Fortnite Cosmetic Pack

Flaunt your PS Plus status.

fortnite fall skirmish

Fortnite Fall Skirmish 2018 Has a $10 Million Prize Pool

The changing of seasons brings with it a new tournament.

Fortnite Update

Fortnite Update 5.40 Encourages Quiet Take Downs and Fixes Bugs

See what’s been added and vaulted.

Fortnite Monopoly

Fortnite Monopoly Available for Preorder and Has Its Own Storm

Two ongoing games come together.

Fortnite Update

Fortnite Update Brings The Getaway LTM, Grappler, and More

Can you accomplish all the LTM challenges?

Fortnite Purple Cube

Fortnite Purple Cube Glitch Wreaks Havoc on Summer Skirmish

It’s the cube’s game, we’re just playing in it.

Fortnite coin flip

Fortnite Summer Skirmish Grand Finalist Determined by the Flip of a Coin

Resolving a surprising tie.

Fortnite High Stakes

Fortnite The Getaway LTM Has You Hunting Down Safes for Loot

Get the jewel llama.

Erebus Isn’t the PlayStation 5 Codename

So what is the PS5 codename?

inside the fortnite cube

Someone Broke Inside the Cube in Fortnite


fortnite update

Launch Your Fortnite Buddies in the Air With the Shockwave Grenade

It’s always nice to have a chance to push people off the edge of the map.

fortnite cube moving

There Is Now a Moving Fortnite Cube

Is this most exciting thing Fortnite has ever done?