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fortnite patch

Fortnite Patch 1.4.6 Fixes Several Crashes & Bugs, Available Now

Bugs are fixed and crashes are prevented.

Fortnite Update

Fortnite Update This Week on PS4 Will Fix Crashes, Survive the Storm Update Coming Soon

You’ll have to wait at least a fortnight for Survive the Storm.

paragon iggy scorch 080917

Paragon’s The New Dawn Update Brings Big Changes

Faster attack speeds, more ways to build your hero, and more.


Epic Games Apologizes for Fortnite Update That Wiped Out Player Bases

Tweaking maps requiring resetting bases.

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Fortnite Servers Down Yet Again (Update 3: They’re Back…Again!)


Fortnite e3 2017 (15)

Fortnite Has Already Sold Over 500,000 Copies

Early Access is clearly here to stay.

Fortnite e3 2017 (8)

PS4 Pro Enhancements for Fortnite, Pyre & Shadow Tactics Detailed in New PlayStation Blog Series

Shadow Tactics lets you choose between 30fps, 60fps, or an unlocked frame-rate.

Fortnite e3 2017 (15)

Fortnite Servers Down, Epic Games Working to Restore Them (Update: Servers Online)

Growing pains.


Fortnite Early Access Impressions – Building Something Special (PS4)

They’ve got one heck of a loot grind.

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PS4 Version of Fortnite Will Feature Four Exclusive Hero Cards

They sport PlayStation blue.

Fortnite e3 2017 (16)

Fortnite Early Access Will Feature Trophies, Including a Platinum

Get ready to collect trophies!


Paragon’s Next Big Update Arrives on August 8, Here’s What It Will Include

Paragon should be out of Beta in early 2018.

fortnite game 555x328

Epic Games’ Fornite Gets New Cinematic Short, Watch the Action Here

Enters early access soon.

Fortnite e3 2017 (16)

E3 2017 – Fortnite Preview – Action Builder (PS4)

Build ’em up as they break ’em down.


Fortnite Getting PlayStation-Exclusive Heroes

Out this July 25 via Early Access.


Fortnite Paid Early Access Season Begins on July 25 for PS4, Xbox One & PC

Founder’s Packs start at $40, watch the new gameplay trailer.

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Review – Come Get Some (PS4)

The over-the-top action is back, as are stylish kills.

paragon ps4

Here’s What to Expect from Paragon in 2017

Heroes continue to come every three weeks.


New Paragon Hero Seraph Coming Next Week

Watch the trailer.


Paragon’s Monolith Update Arrives This December

The entire game changes next month.