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Fortnite e3 2017 (16)

E3 2017 – Fortnite Preview – Action Builder (PS4)

Build ’em up as they break ’em down.


Fortnite Getting PlayStation-Exclusive Heroes

Out this July 25 via Early Access.


Fortnite Paid Early Access Season Begins on July 25 for PS4, Xbox One & PC

Founder’s Packs start at $40, watch the new gameplay trailer.

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Review – Come Get Some (PS4)

The over-the-top action is back, as are stylish kills.

paragon ps4

Here’s What to Expect from Paragon in 2017

Heroes continue to come every three weeks.


New Paragon Hero Seraph Coming Next Week

Watch the trailer.


Paragon’s Monolith Update Arrives This December

The entire game changes next month.

paragon ps4

Epic Games Has Handed Out 27,000 Temp Bans in Paragon This Month, Update v.29 Coming Next Week

Don’t ruin the game for others, warns Epic.

PS4K Unofficial 555x328

Epic Games CEO “Thrilled” About PS4 Neo and Xbox Scorpio, Says It’s the Best of Both Worlds

Epic is in agreement with EA and Ubisoft.


Epic Games Files Lawsuit Against Gamer for Selling “Powerful” Paragon Cheat

Epic sent takedown notices to YouTube where the cheat was being shown off.


Paragon Open Beta Begins on August 16 for PS4 & PC, New Hero Khaimera Announced

Read up some on of the big changes coming to Paragon in update .27.


Paragon Free Beta Weekend Happening Next Week

Register now to enter!


Bulletstorm Studio Working on a AAA Shooter, Says It Parted Ways With Epic on “Very Good Terms”

They’re also working on a smaller project.


Paragon Essentials Edition Includes $160 Worth of Content, Launch-Exclusive Wasteland Twinblast Skin

The retail version of Paragon launches on June 7 in North America.


Shadow Complex Remastered Gets a May 3 Release Date for PS4 & PC

You’ll find a 10+ hour campaign.

Paragon 12

New Paragon Gameplay Video Highlights Tank Hero Sevarog’s Abilities

Comes with four abilities.

Paragon 14

New Paragon Gameplay Video is All About Sevarog the Tank Jungler

Available to play March 29.

Paragon 13

New Paragon Basics Guide Preps You for Your First Game

Early access available now.

shadow complex remastered

Shadow Complex Remastered Coming to PS4 in May

Alongside the Steam version.


Paragon Gets a PS4 Early Access Launch Trailer, Retail Version Available on June 7

You can play it beginning on Friday by spending $20.