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Titanfall 2 02 555x328

Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Preview – Fast Fighting Machines

There’s really nothing else quite like it.

bf1 ps4 bug 1

Funny Battlefield 1 PS4 Glitch Brings Resolution Down to 160×90

Highest resolution is 1807×1014.


No Man’s Sky Disappears From UK’s September Digital Sales Chart

FIFA dominates as usual.

star wars battlefront new

Star Wars Battlefront: Ultimate Edition Disc Coming This November

Includes Deluxe Edition and expansion packs.


Titanfall 2’s Latest Trailer Focuses on the Relationship Between the Protagonist and Titan “BT”

Explore the bond between them.

battlefield 1 tiny gun

Battlefield 1 Includes One of the World’s Tiniest Pistols, the 2mm Kolibri

Next Road to Battlefield 1 mission revealed as well.

Battlefield 1 05 555x328

Check Out Battlefield 1’s Trophies and Learn How Battlepacks Work

Loot boxes!

Madden NFL 17 04 555x328

PSA: You Have Until Tomorrow to Play Madden NFL 17 for Free

It’s the full game, too.


Electronic Arts’ Amy Hennig Talks About AAA Crunch

Few names are bigger in gaming than Amy Hennig, and now theRead the full article…

Battlefield 1 07 555x328

Watch 12 Minutes of Battlefield 1’s Campaign Mission “Storm of Steel”

Looks pretty intense!

Titanfall 2 Coliseum Mode Revealed, Accessed by Buying Sponsored Products Including Mountain Dew & Doritos (Update)

Mountain Dew and Doritos strike again!


Electronics Arts Undergoes Reorganization, EA Worldwide Studios Formed

DICE founder set to head studios.


NHL 17 Review – Crash the Net (PS4)

Joe Sakic is a God.

Battlefield 1 04 555x328

Here Are All the Battlefield 1 Vehicles, Skins and Vehicle Gadgets Found in Beta Files

Planes, tanks and more!

Battlefield 1 10 555x328

List of Battlefield 1 Weapons and Skins Datamined From Beta Files

Looks like a decent list.

FIFA 17 03 555x328

PSA: FIFA 17 Demo Coming This Tuesday for PS4, Xbox One and PC

Find out what’s included in the demo.

FIFA 17 05 555x328

FIFA 17’s Last-Gen Versions Will Have Limited Modes Due to Console Limitations, Features Revealed

There’s still some improvements and enhancements included.


Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Update Adds New Game Modes and Features

Includes tons of fixes and balancing as well.

Mass Effect Andromeda 01 555x328

Mass Effect Andromeda to Run at 30fps on PS4 & PS4 Pro, Its Protagonists Are Siblings

We’ve seen the protagonists’ father before.


EA’s Peter Moore Doesn’t Seem Interested in a Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster

EA wants to move forward.