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EA CEO Says EA is Getting Better at Listening to Players, Believes EA Access is “Great Value”

EA used to “guess” what players wanted.

dragon age main

gamescom 2014: EA Releases New Dragon Age: Inquisition Trailer and Gameplay Demo (Update)

These enemies are no joke!

bf hardline 2

gamescom 2014: Watch 12 Minutes of Battlefield: Hardline Single-Player Campaign

Inspired by crime dramas.

NHL 15

gamescom 2014: NHL 15 Demo Coming Later This Month, Release Date Announced (Update)

Demo before it’s September release for a sports game? Madness!

fifa 15

gamescom 2014: New FIFA 15 Trailer Shows Next-Gen Goalkeepers (Update)

Take it to the next level.


NBA Live Developer Leaves EA to Join 2K Games, Will Work on NBA 2K

O’Gallagher had left EA in June.


Court Rules Against NCAA, Players Should be Compensated for Use of Their Likeness

NCAA policies violate antitrust laws.


Now Loading…EA Access for PlayStation 4

PSLS staff discuss whether Sony made the right move or not.

trip hawkins

Electronic Arts Founder Thinks Virtual Reality is Impractical

He doesn’t like wearing goggles.

fifa 15

FIFA 15 Will Not Feature Brazilian Clubs Due to Licensing Issues

Not a great year for Brazil.

Battlefield Hardline2

Battlefield: Hardline Story Details Revealed, We Play as a Good Cop Who Has Been Framed

“Breaking Bad meth country”


EA Q1 FY15 Financials: EA is the #1 PS4 & Xbox One Publisher in the West Year-to-Date

Gamers played EA titles for over 2 billion hours.


BioWare Talks Relationships in Future Games, May Include Polyamorous & Asexual Relationships

You won’t always find success in romance.


Battlefield: Hardline Coming to San Diego Comic-Con, Will Focus on Single-Player Mode

Cops and robbers, look out!


Star Wars Galaxies Designer Ben Hanson Passes Away

Rest in peace.


Report: Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth DLC Release Date Accidentally Revealed

Premium players get early access once again.

Peter Moore

EA’s Peter Moore Talks Their Lack of PS Vita Support, VR, & Planning Ahead

He has an idea of what their line-up will be in 2016.


BioWare Unveils New In-Engine Footage of the Next Mass Effect Game

Who’s ready for a new Mass Effect!?


BioWare Shows Off New Gameplay Footage of Dragon Age: Inquisition

Brand new gameplay footage of Dragon Age: Inquisition was shown off atRead the full article…