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Everything Wrong With Mass Effect Andromeda Featured

Everything Wrong With Mass Effect Andromeda (No Spoilers)

Unrealized potential.


BioWare Releases Mass Effect: Andromeda Sara Ryder Character Trailer


Star Wars Battlefront 555x328

EA Play 2017: Playable Games Include The Next Star Wars Battlefront & Need for Speed

As well as FIFA 18, Madden NFL 18, and NBA Live 18.


Mass Effect Andromeda Animations Spark Controversy, BioWare Responds

The controversial Manveer Heir has left the studio.

Battlefield 1 XP1 Key Art

Battlefield 1: They Shall Not Pass DLC Interview With DICE

Tanks, artillery, and blue uniforms: Oh my!


Mass Effect Andromeda Will Have Over 1200 Unique Characters, Companion Video Released

All that talking!

Mass Effect Andromeda 01 555x328

Here’s Why Mass Effect Andromeda Is Rated Mature By the ESRB

Looks like the review embargo lifts next Monday at 12am PT/3am ET.

me andromeda strategy guides

Official Mass Effect Andromeda Strategy Guides Come With DLC, Exclusive Collectibles

Pathfinder Edition is in limited quantity. Pre-orders open now.


Watch Over an Hour of Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Showing Off Its World, Exploration and More

With developer commentary.


Mass Effect Andromeda Goes Back to Space Opera Roots, Removes Time Pressures



Mass Effect Andromeda Gets New Video Showing Off Its Golden Worlds

Plus, some more info on its multiplayer.


Mass Effect Andromeda Dev Shares Multiplayer Screens and Tidbits of Info

Pre-loading on PS4 begins March 14.


EA’s FIFA Ultimate Team Now Worth $800 Million, to Be Implemented in Other Games

Ultimate profits.


EA Reveals Visceral Star Wars Game Will Be About Exploration

Also mentions BioWare’s new IP and Jade Raymond’s new game!


Star Wars Battlefront 2 Will Be Dramatically Larger Than the Original

Is that you Jar Jar?

Peter Moore video game press conferences

EA Executive Peter Moore Leaves to Join Liverpool Football Club as CEO

Straight from the house of FIFA.


Mass Effect Andromeda Will Be “At Least 45GB” on Consoles, Day-One Patch in the Works

Not more than 60GB.