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Star Wars Battlefront II 07

Star Wars Battlefront II Devs Quell Fears of Tacked-On Campaign, Say EA Brought Its Best Talent Forward

Motive has “tremendous experience” in this department.


Mass Effect Andromeda’s Criticisms Have Been “Hard to See,” Says Lead Designer

He’s happy to communicate with fans directly, however.

sw battlefront 2 actress

Here Are Star Wars Battlefront II’s Actress and Writers

Janina Gavankar, Mitch Dyer, Walt Williams.

Star Wars Battlefront II 04

EA Clarifies Star Wars Battlefront II Co-Op Exclusivity, Season Pass Statement

There’s been some conflicting info regarding the two.

mass effect andromeda ps4 review

BioWare Initially Explored a Procedural Design for Mass Effect Andromeda But It Didn’t Work Out

It was going to be a “giant procedural game.”

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Here’s the Full-Length Star Wars Battlefront II Trailer

The action kicks off!


Another Source Says BioWare’s New IP Is Destiny-Styled Game Code Named Dylan, Debuting at E3

However, that BioWare Austin Star Wars rumor might not be true.


Report: BioWare’s New IP Is Sci-Fi Themed and Has MMO Elements

It might debut at E3.


More Titanfall 2 DLC Coming This Month

More Titan fun!


EA Bringing More Jobs to Montreal, Investing $500 Million Over Next 10 Years

Great news for the Canadian game development industry.


Report: BioWare Outsourced Mass Effect Andromeda Animation Work, Relied Heavily on New Technology

Decisions came from higher ups, ground team not involved.

mass effect andromeda

BioWare Looking Into Increasing Font Size in Mass Effect Andromeda

It’s come up enough times.


gamescom 2017 Early Exhibitors List Includes Square Enix, Ubisoft, EA & More

But not Sony.

mass effect andromeda ps4 review

Here’s a List of Known Issues in Mass Effect Andromeda That BioWare’s Looking Into

There’s more being worked on.

Everything Wrong With Mass Effect Andromeda Featured

Everything Wrong With Mass Effect Andromeda (No Spoilers)

Unrealized potential.


BioWare Releases Mass Effect: Andromeda Sara Ryder Character Trailer


Star Wars Battlefront 555x328

EA Play 2017: Playable Games Include The Next Star Wars Battlefront & Need for Speed

As well as FIFA 18, Madden NFL 18, and NBA Live 18.