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Extensive Unravel Gameplay Clip Spins a Yarn

Watch Yarny in motion!

mass effect andromeda 1

Report: Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Information Leaked

Take it with a pinch of salt.


The Clickbait Podcast Ep. 08 – Star Wars Battlefront and Disqus We Hate You

Listen you will.


EA Concedes There is Room for Improvement With Company’s Acquisition History

Mythic, Bullfrog, Origin, Pandemic, Black Box, and Maxis Emeryville all mentioned.


Star Wars Battlefront Review (PS4) – It’s Not a Trap

The force is…well, you know the rest.

Star Wars Battlefront Update 1.02 Is the Second One Before Launch, Includes Matchmaking Fix

Update inbound!


Electronic Arts CEO is One of Fortune’s Top Businesspersons of the Year

Star Wars Battlefront is a “stellar potential hit.”

Star Wars Battlefront Impressions – A Force of Hope (PS4)

Scored review set to come out next week!

mass effect console

Check Out the Custom Mass Effect PS4 Console and New Andromeda Concept Art

In celebration of N7 Day.

Need for Speed Review – Connection Required (PS4)

Do you feel the need?!


Unravel Dev Hoping to Make Players Smile, Calls the Project an “Emotional Investment”

If you don’t smile, they haven’t done their jobs.


NBA Live 16 Review — Fundamentally Flawed (PS4)

EA Sports’ basketball series came back two years ago with disastrous results. Have they done enough since then to put the franchise back on top?


Women Oversee Some of the Most “Powerful” Electronic Arts Franchises, Says COO Peter Moore

There’s been an “incredible growth” in number of female devs.

dai trespasser

Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Final Story DLC “Trespasser” Releasing Next Week

Upcoming patch includes a Skyhold wardrobe.


Ghost Games Explains Why Need for Speed Reboot Is Always Online

Ghost Games is “big with Autolog.”


DICE Confirms Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Is a Reboot, Tells the Story of Faith’s Origin

DICE borrowed some ideas from the first game.


E3 2015 – Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Hands-On Preview: Soil Sport

Deadbeard’s Cannon Rodeo ability is exactly like it sounds.


E3 2015 – Unravel Hands-On Preview: Heartstrings Tug-athon

Or is it our heart-yarns?


E3 2015 Third-Party Press Conferences Preview

Fallout, Deus Ex, Rainbow Six and More!


BioWare Still Working on Story Content for Dragon Age: Inquisition

Don’t expect Hero of Ferelden.