Armored Core 5 Uses PS3 as Lead Platform to Get the Job Done

The Armored Core series has shared its awesome mech-combat with gamers since the original PlayStation days, and has accumulated a formidable line-up of sequels since then. Armored Core 5 has been in production for a few years now, and while the last iteration was a sloppy port on the PS3, From Software has vowed to make strides forward. They weren’t kidding.

The latest issue of Famitsu magazine features an article about Armored Core 5 which confirms that the title will use the efficiently powerful PlayStation 3 as its lead platform. No more sluggish framerate and blurry textures, this is the real deal. Also, the game is being made by the same people who brought us Demon’s Souls back in 2009, so cast away any doubt you might have.

Armored Core 5 will return to the series’ origins with some action-packed gameplay, and will include some reasonably-interesting online play as well. If you live in Japan, or like to import, you’ll be seeing the title later this year. Otherwise, you’ll be waiting a full calendar cycle as it’ll arrive in Europe and North America next year.