LittleBigPlanet Success Was Inspiration For inFamous 2

March 19, 2011Written by Joseph Peterson

Sucker Punch’s inFamous 2 is one of the biggest upcoming exclusives for the PlayStation 3, so when details were revealed about a mission creator at this year’s GDC, gamers were instantly excited. But where did the inspiration come from, considering that the first inFamous title was primarily a single player experience?

Sucker Punch Development Director, Chris Zimmerman, sat down with IGN for an interview, where he revealed that their inspiration came from a rather unsurprising source – LBP.

We were encouraged by the wild success of LittleBigPlanet.

Zimmerman continued:

Even though it’s a different genre and a completely different kind of game, it showed there was this thirst that people had for having this creation/sharing experience. We thought the same desires would be present for inFAMOUS players, too.

It is always a good thing to see developers looking outside the box to games from other genres, especially when it improves their own titles.