Catherine Gets More Family Friendly Box Art

The good folks at Atlus USA, in taking a hard look at the titillating box art designs for its upcoming puzzle/adventure Catherine, have opted to sell a few with some slight modifications.

Using the good old tools of cropping and dragging, maybe zooming in here and there, the company has put out two more box arts, in addition to the two that had already been revealed. As you may know, the Xbox 360 version and PS3 version were already set to have different covers, with the 360 version showing Katherine (main character Vincent’s lover of several years) kind of bent over and the PS3 version depicting Vincent helplessly sinking down into the valley of love affair Catherine’s mammories.

As can be seen in these new versions, there’s been some zooming to eliminate a some of the material that made the original images so suggestive. Now, the game’s content will still be the same, it’s just that players can seemingly choose some different box art now, perhaps so that their friends don’t think they’re that guy who secretly buys up porno games.

Here are all four box arts:

It’s also not clear if all retailers will be getting these, or just a few; they were found — listed specifically as having special box art — on Amazon. Look for this game in North America this summer.