Starhawk To Be Playable At E3, Dylan Jobe Tweets About His Game

May 13, 2011Written by Sebastian Moss

Sony might not be able to keep a secret, with Starhawk‘s existence known long ago, but the publisher still managed to surprise us when they unveiled the singleplayer and multiplayer third-person shooter after revealing that it would include RTS elements and would see a complete visual overhaul.

Once the gameplay trailer has been released, you probably won’t hear about the game until next month’s E3, with information such as release window (or even year) and multiplayer player limit are sure to be revealed. On top of those possible announcements, Starhawk has now been confirmed to be playable at E3, with developer Lightbox Interactive’s President Dylan Jobe tweeting:

Finally — Starhawk is revealed! The team and I are incredibly proud of it and can’t wait to let people get hands on with it at E3!

He also then went on to promote his title:

The same great, fast-paced action that all our Warhawk fans have come to love is the heart and soul of #Starhawk !

#Starhawk offers players an exciting new way to play with the addition of our Build and Battle system.

In #Starhawk , you can customize the structures on the battlefield to be placed where you or your team wants. Your war. Your way.

As we’ll be going to E3, be sure to look for our hands on impression of the game, as soon as we can tear ourselves away from what will surely be a fantastic gaming experience.