Dead Island Gameplay Screens are Bloody Impressive

Dead Island rose to fame earlier in the year after an emotionally engaging trailer was released, but details have been scarce since. While we’ve learned more about the story and style of presentation from its publisher, Deep Silver, direct gameplay footage is still yet to be seen in full form. To help bridge that gap, we have several new in-game screenshots that include an insane straitjacket zombie, a girl fighting in a bikini, and even a zombie getting a bat to the face.

See for yourself:

Although a shotgun and handgun are seen in two of the screenshots, they’re going to be a rare finding during your travel through the game’s dangerous beaches of Papua New Guinea. Techland have stated that they want the combat to be up close and personal, so melee weapons will be your main asset for dealing with your typical cowabunga surfs-up beach zombie. Of course, that’s easier said than done as having swarms of zombies making gurgling noises while running at you when you’re only armed with a  trash-can lid isn’t exactly the healthiest way to enjoy a Saturday. Judging by the screenshots above, it’s safe to say that isn’t a game for the feint of heart.

You can enjoy the satisfying rush of being in a zombie outbreak this August when Dead Island releases on the PlayStation 3, PC and 360.