How The PSN Hack Helped Uncharted 3 (a Little)

The hack of the PSN caused gamers to lose their private information, developers to lose millions and Sony to suffer a huge PR blow. Depressing right? Well here’s something to cheer you up – the PSN downtime led to LAN being included in Uncharted 3.

Of course, LAN isn’t the most used multiplayer feature ever since online gaming became easy to set up, but if you’re planning on hosting a Nathan Drake appreciation party, then this news should be right up your street.

With Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 3 including three person co-op mode and 10 player multiplayer, online is an integral part of the game. But as the PSN was offline for over a month, the developer realised that they wouldn’t be able to fully test out the online component. Solution? Uncharted‘s co-lead designer, Jacob Minkoff told Kotaku that they built in LAN support so that they could continue playing – something that they will keep in the final release.

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Thanks Chong!